Sunday 22nd July 2018
Sunday 22nd July 2018 - coming soon

Terms and Conditions

Rideventures sportives are run under the following conditions:


It is the responsibility of all participants to ride in a safe manner whilst on the event.

All participants must wear a helmet.

It is the responsibility of participants to ensure their bicycle and equipment is in good working order. They should ensure they have completed training and have sufficient fitness for the challenge of the event they have entered.

Participants are advised to get their own personal accident insurance to cover incidents on the event.

Rideventures does not accept responsibility for incidents and accidents caused by other participants, members of the public or other road users.

Online Entry

You should ensure you have entered the correct details and signed up for the route you want to do when filling out the online entry form. Rideventures will try to make corrections for you, if possible. Mistakes that require a refund may lead to a £2 admin fee (to cover PayPal costs).

Filling out a form but not paying for the entry will mean you are not entered.

Rideventures reserves the right to refuse entry without explanation but with a full refund.


Up to one month before the event you can get a full refund less a small admin charge (£2) to cover the PayPal costs.

Under one month and right up to the Friday before the event - if you tell us by then that you can't make it, we will defer the entry until next year. So no refund but a chance to ride the same event (or another Rideventures sportive within the next 12 months)

Event Cancellation

Rideventures reserves the right to cancel the event if there isn't enough entries to justify running it. All entrants will be refunded their full entry price if this happens.

Event Changes

Rideventures may change the route and other arrangements if circumstances demand it. We will work hard to preserve as much of the event as possible and/or find comparable alternatives